Print Advice

We like to take the time to make everyone feel a little bit special, and that goes for your print job too! Artwork can take months of work and planning to produce and it deserves just the right stock or that special fold or a subtle embellishment to help make it perfect. At Lawson Creative we will always look over your artwork as if it was our own and are happy to offer advice on the following print elements that often come up;

Getting the right combination of CMYK to produce a rich black, cool black, warm black, grey black!!!

Which stock may work best with your design and budget.

Which covers go well with different internals stocks.

To laminate or not to laminate?

Where to put that glistening UV layer, and how!

Which printing format will be the best option for your print job.

How to reduce the cost of your project by slightly altering size, page numbers, stocks or colours.

What might help make your designs stand out more.

Need a template, here’s a template!

Checking over artwork to ensure it is press ready or if anything is missing

And whatever else you might need help with regarding your print project.

Please contact us today if you have any print questions that we might be able to help you with!