Envirocare a 100% recycled stock we like to use.

100% recycled paper print stock.

Hello, we just wanted to let you in on all you need to know about one of our favorite paper stocks Envirocare a 100% Recycled Print option;
Envirocare is uncoated text and cover range featuring a warm natural white shade. This raw yet elegant paper is speckle free and can deliver high quality print results including rich solids and sharp detail. Well priced, Envirocare 100% Recycled offers excellent opacity and is suitable for all your general printing requirements.


Key Features;

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Made Process Chlorine Free (PCF)

75% post consumer & 25% pre consumer waste

Excellent opacity, even surface & high bulk

Suitable for general printing purposes

High quality un-coated text and cover range


Environmental Profiles;

Envirocare 100% Recycled is manufactured entirely from waste paper. Manufactured without the addition of optical brighteners, Envirocare 100% Recycled is an environmentally responsible paper choice. Made in a facility that is ISO 14001 accredited and with process chlorine free pulps; thereby helping to reduce harmful by-products.

Manufactured by Lenzing Paper (Austria).


Please see our Green Office page for all your 100% recycled printing needs.