Is print dead? Not according to this latest data.

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Print advertising makes a comeback in the digital age
I know it may seem counter-intuitive, but the latest research reveals that print (and direct mail) are far from dead! In fact, even though we live in a highly, and ever-increasingly digital world, we are still human and as such still rely on print to make purchasing decisions.
We can all acknowledge that we struggle to sift through all our emails, websites, blogs, social media and other online channels. The number of online messages and ads has increased explosively to record levels, overwhelming most consumers. That means advertisers have an increasingly smaller segment of a highly fragmented online presence that gets costlier by the day.
That’s why there has been a “return to print” as well as (physical) direct mail. Sure we all enjoy the practicality of online access, but we also still love the feel of a magazine between our fingers as we flip the pages revealing colourful images, interesting fonts and great content.
As consumers, we’ve come to appreciate the need for advertising – especially in niche market publications blackjack online australia like this one. That’s why it still continues to perform exceptionally well for small businesses with tiny marketing budgets who need to reach their target audience economically, without the costly, scattergun approach associated with daily or community newspapers.
In this day and age, print media, especially NICHE and LOCAL PUBLICATIONS still reign supreme – especially when they’re integrated with an online presence, the topic of an future blog post.
Need more proof?
I thought so. Here it is.
While it is true that the Internet has become easier to use and more accessible to marketers and advertisers, never underestimate the power of a well printed – and well placed – brochure, postcard, or online casino flyer.  In fact, with many companies focusing their marketing online, print advertising has the advantage of remaining the “tried and true” method.
Including traditional print marketing as part of advertising allows for a cross section of advertising on a variety of levels.  For example, direct mail is an ideal, cost-effective way to target specific neighborhoods quickly and easily. Flyers and postcards can be used to announce new services, special offers, or grand openings.  Postcard printing is easy and affordable and will ensure your name reaches your local area quickly and efficiently.
Full color brochures are an ideal follow-up for networking events, sales meetings, and cold calls.  Catalog printing with direct mail efforts can double the impact of an online strategy.  Brochures and advertising flyers can be mailed directly to prospective or existing clients to further illustrate products and services and drive sales.
Any business owner who thinks print is dead better think again.  Retailers are seeing traditional print channels, such as catalogs or magazines, inspire mobile purchases (not the other way around!)
We’ve all had moments like this; you know, the one when a new catalog, with a brilliant yellow dress on the cover, comes in the mail, shouting for our attention.  Who can resist picking it up and thumbing the pages, seduced by a selection of classics that seem to jump off the page in every color of the rainbow?  Catalogues still lure buyers.
Results of a study released by Google and Ipsos reveal that nearly half (48 percent) of smartphone users are performing mobile queries based on ads they see in magazines. MMM yes so there you have proof PRINT IS NOT DEAD.
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